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fyrethief's Journal

15 November
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writer; zoologist; folklorist-wannabe; bookseller; welsh; fangirl; butterfly lover; procrastinator; coffee addict; knitter; ex-dancer; flutist; half-arsed baker; wisher-upon-a-star; polytheist; obsessive; and there's a thorn in cupid's eye
semi friends only. all fic & most fandom-oriented stuff is public, rl posts friends-locked. may contain traces of nuts nsfw content.
fandom loves: avengers (marvel films); sherlock holmes; star trek (mainly reboot); the mentalist; doctor who & torchwood; disney; tamora pierce; king arthur (2004 movie); robin hood (bbc series); howl's moving castle; james bond; pirates of the caribbean; x-men; relic hunter; the 10th kingdom;
book loves: georgette heyer; tamora pierce; sherlock holmes; the scarlet pimpernel; the three musketeers; ian fleming; jane austen; sarah zettel's camelot series;

likes: fairy tales; period drama & history; superheroes & comic books; pretty things & happy things; autumn;
i credit for icons i take; resources for icons/graphics i made can be found here; current journal header (avengers silhouette) made by akiseo; current mood theme (howl's moving castle) made by fyrethief (me), screencaps from here; layout code by minty_peach; profile codes by tomorrow_brings; cupid quote from rdj's '5.30'

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10th kingdom, a knights tale, alan davies, alanis morissette, alice in wonderland, animals, antonio banderas, archery, arrows, arthurian legend, arthurian legends, avengers, ballet, baroness orczy, beauty and the beast, books, bows, castles, celtic, celts, challenges, chocolate, dancing, daniel craig, disney, dr john watson, drabbles, enya, fairy tales, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, fic, fic challenges, ficlets, fluff, folk tales, folklore, forests, friends, georgette heyer, henry cavill, highwaymen, historical fiction, history, holmes, howl's moving castle, hugh dancy, hugh jackman, ian fleming, icons, ioan gruffudd, iron man, james bond, james may, james purefoy, jane austen, johnny depp, jude law, juliet marillier, king arthur, king arthur movie, knight, knights, legend, legend of the seeker, legends, logan/marie, mads mikkelsen, magic, marvel comics, middle ages, movie soundtracks, mythology, nanowrimo, national novel writing month, national trust, nature, night, ocean, owen wilson, paganism, period drama, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, postcards, pride and prejudice, reading, regency, relic hunter, richard hammond, robert downey jr, robin hood, robin hood (bbc), rogue, roses, rugby, sarah zettel, sea, sherlock holmes, ships, sir arthur conan doyle, slash, squee!, stage beauty, star trek, stars, swords, sydney/nigel, tamora pierce, terry goodkind, the dancing dove, the scarlet pimpernel, the three musketeers, top gear, tortall, tristan and isolde, watson, welsh, wicked, wolverine, wolverine/rogue, writing, x-men